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First Chakra – Root or Base Chakra


Location: Base of the spine and groin
Stones: Red Jasper / Black Agate / Bloodstone / Obsidian / Carnelian / Smokey Quartz
Color: Red

The base or root chakra is the lowest chakra. It lies at the base of the spine. The Root Chakra provides grounding and strength. It serves as the foundation of energy and provides support. A strong base or root chakra is apparent in a person’s will to survive and strive for basic needs – food, shelter and sex. In a spiritual sense, the base or root chakra signifies protection of a person’s honor or dignity. It is an extremely important energy point as it provides a strong base for stabilizing ourselves in order to rise to higher consciousness.

Some signs of a well-balanced Root Chakra:
•    Powerful will to live
•    Inner strength and passion
•    Sense of trust and security
•    Feeling of a deep connection to nature

Some signs of an unbalanced Root Chakra:
•    Impatience and restless behavior
•    Lack of energy and interest in life
•    Impulsiveness
•    Obsession and fixation to something
•    Self-centeredness and selfish conduct