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About Friendly Crystals

crystal-healing-store.gifThe company that started from a sampling of a bagful of crystals a few years ago has now grown to a full fledged business. We sincerely thank our valued customers for their continued support!

In the year 2006, we started wholesale distributorship of mineral specimens, natural rocks, cut and polished stones, and related products. Our products are not only uniquely beautiful but are known for their strong healing properties. This knowledge has given us a deeper sense of satisfaction to pursue this field. Our products are distributed to gift and souvenir stores, metaphysical and new age shops, book stores and related body mind and spirit shops in Canada and the USA.

Our entire range is currently imported from our own family connections in India. Backed by excellent and reliable sources of our own, we are able to offer great products at great prices.

We endeavor to maintain consistent high quality, and through our personalized service have developed lasting friendships with many of our happy repeat customers.

We are able to customize products as per your specific needs and requirements and we try our best to source products for you at your request.

We are grateful that you have chosen to do business with us and will strive to make your experience as enjoyable as possible!